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A true dog hero!

In case you haven’t seen this:


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With a recent pseudo-promotion, if not reflected in title or salary (which I have my fingers crossed it eventually will be) then at least reflected in an increase in responsibility and workload, my week was both exhausting and satisfying.  In most areas of my life, the busier I am, the happier I am, and this is certainly true with my job. I hope to start getting into the office by 7:30 or 8 next week, since I have to leave by 5:30 on weeknights to tutor, and I simply don’t have enough time in my day arriving at 8:30.  I could cut out my midday gym excursion, but that helps me regain focus and, if all goes according to plan, will help me be a hot skinny bitch some day.

I’m exhausted, but I’m pleased with myself because I worked hard and efficiently this week.  I’ve been tasked with attempting to breathe some life into one of my company’s websites, and I have a few ideas (though no time to even discuss them with my boss let alone act on them), and it’s exciting to be able to think creatively about how I might attract more visitors to the site, evaluate what works and what doesn’t, brainstorm new features (and figure out which old ones to eliminate).

Weekends are extremely valuable to me now.  I leave the house at 8 a.m. (next week at 7 or 7:30) and don’t get home till 9 or 9:30 p.m., usually for a couple of hours of TV, a little more work, and, when I’m lucky, some snuggles and chuckles with my good pal Chris.

Arthur is so happy to see me when I come home.  I can hear him mewing from down the hall, and by the time I’ve unlocked the door, he’s wild with anticipation.  He purrs and rubs up against me and lets me hold him and pet him to my heart’s content.  That’s wonderful, but I feel bad leaving him alone for so long.  Sometimes Chris comes over earlier in the evening and spends some time with him.  I love how easily Chris has taken to Arthur, since this is really his first cat experience.  Sometimes I can hear them playing at the other end of the apartment, or hear Chris talking to Arthur in a soothing voice, trying to reason with him when Arthur’s begging for food before mealtime or bypassing the toys Chris offers him in favor of Chris’s bare flesh.  They get along so well!  In fact, one of the first pictures I took of Arthur was of him curled up next to Chris on the couch, immediately comfortable with him.  Weekends are valuable to Arthur, too, and when I don’t spend a significant amount of Saturday and Sunday at home with him, he punishes me at night by not letting me sleep.

This weekend will not be long enough, for Arthur or for me.  I might have to grab a vacation day soon just to sit home and catch up on Important Things, such as watching Animal Planet and cleaning the bathroom.  For now, I’ll make do with what I have, and tomorrow, Chris and I plan to Zipcar out to Ikea to take a look around (I’ve never been) and, if I can convince myself to pay full price rather than wait around for it to show up in a convenient location on Craigslist, buy a shelving unit to use as a TV stand.  This will really pull my living room together, I think.  Last week we rearranged the furniture, and I finally bought a rug (on Craigslist, of course, and the woman even delivered it to my building!), and it feels much more like an actual living room than a haphazard space, decorated with whatever odds and ends I happened to cart over from my old place.

On Sunday, I’m going to visit the Croquette at the Newark Airport, which, I’ll be honest, is a real hike for me, but it’ll be worth it.  I don’t see her nearly as often as I want to — if I had my way, I’d spend every free minute with her! — and maybe it’ll motivate me to clean the bathroom tomorrow morning instead of putting it off till Sunday, which inevitably means till the next weekend (and so on).

Tonight, we’re making cilantro pesto (my store was out of basil!) with brocolli and chicken (well, I’m making it; Chris is bringing wine) and watching “Lost.”  Aaah.

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My fantasy baseball team, The Frisky Panthers, is finally drafted.

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Mike Napoli (C)
  • Carlos Delgado (1B)
  • Dan Uggla (2B)
  • Chris Davis (1B, 3B)
  • Jimmy Rollins (SS)
  • Carlos Beltran (OF)
  • Alfonso Soriano (OF)
  • Nate McLouth (OF)
  • Carlos Pena (1B)
  • Torii Hunter (OF)
  • Brandon Webb (SP)
  • Roy Oswalt (SP)
  • Javier Vazquez (SP)
  • Francisco Rodriguez (RP)
  • Brian Fuentes (RP)
  • Kevin Slowey (SP)
  • Ted Lilly (SP)
  • Chad Qualls (RP)
  • Joey Devine (RP)

Total Domincan count: 2

I’m not happy about that, but Chris swears it’s otherwise a great team.  If I had my way, I’d have a team made up of 19 Dominicans.  No, 18, and Ken Griffey Jr.

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Oh, brother.

Last night, I reaffirmed my love for New York because the city made it easy-as-pie for me to hang out with my older brother and his wife.

Tonight, I went to see a co-worker’s band play in Park Slope, and on my walk home, I caught up with one of my younger brothers on the phone.  I could’ve done this from any place, so it doesn’t make me feel any differently about New York, but it does reaffirm something else:

I love my family.

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I love New York.

I know I compain, but the truth is that I love this city, and one of the reasons is that my brother and sister-in-law live here (granted in a different borough, and Brooklyn as my brother would say, is sooo far), and sometimes they send me a text message as I’m leaving work and say they’re in my neighborhood, and then they’re still around when I get home from tutoring, and they come over and we drink a bottle of wine and chat until way past my bedtime.

So tonight, I really love New York.

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A sticky situation.

My cat has uncommon taste. His favorite food?  Tape!  He likes Scotch tape, but he is particularly fond of packing tape, which he gnaws and tears off boxes I still haven’t gotten around to dealing with after my move.  Actually, he finds all sorts of plastic tasty, including grocery bags (the handles in particular) and, I discovered as I cleaned up his first vomit yesterday, the little plastic rings from milk cartons.  And I thought he just wanted to play with those!

via 3m.com

via 3m.com

The Internets reveal that this is actually not abnormal in cats.  It might be a form of pica and related to his fondness for licking and sucking on bedspreads and other fabrics (but especially bedspreads).  But it also might have to do with — did you know this? because I didn’t — the fact that plastic bags and tape are sometimes made from animal by-products.  We can’t smell them, but kitty cats can!

In other Arthur-related news, my fantasy baseball team — called The Frisky Panthers after my bedspread-licking, packing-tape-eating feline friend — had its first draft last night.  I say “first” because we’re having a redraft on Thursday.  No one else in my league bothered to check the scoring rules, which were atypical, and even though I drafted a perfect team according to those rules, it ended up being a not-quite-fair advantage.  Well, it was fair.  But it wouldn’t have been fun, so we’re leveling the playing field and trying again!

I can’t remember exactly who I had, but I know I had Pujols and some other Dominicans, something I hope to be able to replicate on Thursday.  After all, you know what they say about the DR: You don’t walk off that island!  (You run, as in home run, because Dominicans are such awesome baseball players.)

Another thing they say about the DR is that it’s a hot, beautiful, difficult, wonderful and, yes, life-altering place to live for a summer or two.  Well, no, I say that.  Because it’s true.

As proof, I offer:

Claudito and Rebecca, totally in love, 1997

Claudito and Rebecca, totally in love, 1997

Rebecca and rad kids, 2006.

Rebecca with some really rad kids after a really rad grant-writing workshop, 2006.

And because it's amazing, Claudito and Rebecca, reunited, 2006

And because it's amazing, Claudito and Rebecca, reunited, 2006

Also, check out the perfect tan you get after a few months in the Dominican sun:


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Handsome Hugo!

Meet Hugo KitCarson Hensley, currently first in the running for Cutest Dog in the History of the World.

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