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I want to say that I realize I’ve been woefully remiss with this whole blog thing. Trust me, I’m as sad about it as you are. (Chris thinks I should use “negligent” here instead of “remiss.” I disagree. Word battle!)

If you’re wondering what I’ve spent my money on over the past weeks, for example, well, tough luck, because I’m no longer going to share that personal information with you. It’s none of your business! Truthfully, there wasn’t much difference in my spending over the month that I confessed it here, so I’ve given up on the little experiment.

If you’re wondering where all the other Panther posts that I promised you are, well, they’re coming. Several are in draft form, even! But I’m a writer at heart and an editor by profession, and I don’t take the writing-in-public too lightly, so I’m not just going to throw some crap up here simply to satisfy my readers. Except for right now, because I find myself feeling particularly chatty, and my audience for the past few hours (hi Chris!) is now absorbed in David Letterman and squeezing lemons. (Master Cleanse: Revolutions starts tomorrow!)

If you’re wondering about other things that have happened in my incredibly interesting life lately, such as how I totally dominated the bocce field at Chris’s friend Matt’s wedding last weekend, or how I spent the past weekend turning my apartment inside out and putting it back together again, or the amazing new toys I’ve acquired lately, including a Roku Netflix player (it rocks!) and Rock Band (it rocks, too, obviously) — well, that stuff all will come, I’m sure, in due time.

For now, be satisfied with this: My cat brings me great joy. So does my boyfriend. And my brother and his wife, with whom I shared the biggest cheese-and-meat spread of my life last week, in spite of my sister-in-law’s recent flirtation with veganism. And know that there are others who are more neglected than you are, such as my parents, whom I used to call on average twice a day but now barely find time to touch base with weekly. And my two dearest friends, one of whom is in France and the other of whom just returned from several months in London and neither of whom I’ve properly caught up with in way too long.

What is that? My readers consist of my parents and those two friends and pretty much no one else? Well, then, readers, consider this a very personal apology to you: I will, at some point, find a way to get enough of a handle on my totally uneventful life, start blogging regularly again, and contact you outside of this blog at least half as often as I think of you, which means you’ll all be receiving a pretty much constant stream of communication from me. Are you ready for it?


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The Panther has taken to sneezing.  I’ve had a cold for the past week, which my dear co-worker is convinced is nothing more than allergies, perhaps because in its beginning stages its main symptom was sneezing.  It has since progressed through sore throat and wheezing into a hacking cough, usually accompanied by some dispelled phlegm.  Awesome, right?

While I was mostly sneezing, Arthur experienced what I think was a sympathy cold, similar, perhaps, to what some men experience when their wives are pregnant.  One night last week he woke me up several times with the most adorable little “achoo!” in bed next to me.  (Have I mentioned that this cat likes to sleep right next to me in bed?  If I dare touch him, he’ll bolt off, usually to the window sill, but as long as I keep about half an inch between us, he’s cool with it.)

Unfortunately, a Panther sneeze, as cute as it would be to share with you, is not something I can anticipate well enough to capture on video.  Instead, I share with you this sneezing-animal gem, though if you haven’t already seen it, well, you must be living under a technological boulder, because this video went totally viral ages ago.

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