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As probably everyone who reads this blog knows, it has been a longtime dream of mine to adopt one or more of my children. Several months ago, I began to follow a few (OK, more than a few) adoption blogs (they’re everywhere!), and I’ve learned a lot about both the pre- and post-adoption processes.

One of the blogs I read is about a family whose adopted daughter, Abby, is going through an incredibly difficult round of chemotherapy. As I’ve read about her over the months and followed her journey, I’ve come to know Abby to be a remarkable child. As many stories that her parents write of her illness, and as many pictures that they post of her with her pain and exhaustion written all over her face, there are just as many stories of her amazing ability to also find happiness during this unbelievable struggle, to play and snuggle and be loving, and there are just as many pictures of her smiling and dressing up like a princess and looking just like any other 4-year-old.

But Abby’s having such a rough time. I worked with cancer and transplant patients during my fellowship at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital last year, and as impressed as I was by their strength, I think the most surprising thing for me was how easily I could forget that they were sick. Yes, I had to wash my hands and use Purell before entering their rooms, and sometimes I had to wear gloves, a mask and a gown. Some of the children had lost their hair, most of them were hooked up to various tubes, and nurses and doctors visited them throughout the day. But in spite of all that, they were kids like any other kids! They’d learned how to read their own vitals, and they were adept at maneuvering around and among the tubes coming out of their arms and tummies, and they wrote poems about the constant barrage of needles and how cold the hospital floors were and how they were scared that they’d never go home again. But they also liked to color and watch “Hannah Montana” and play with stuffed animals, and they wrote poems about cute boys they liked at school and how annoying their little sisters were and how much they loved Christmas.

If you pray, please pray for sweet Abby. She is in and out of the hospital. She’s throwing up 20 times a day, and yesterday she threw up blood. Her head hurts all the time. As far as I understand it, she’s got a long way to go, but this is also the most difficult stage of the chemo, and if she can make it through this, well, I think she’ll have shown us that she can make it through anything.

Also, Abby’s brother Landis is obsessed with Spiderman in the most adorable way. After you pray for Abby, you should check out his Spidey poses. As for me, I don’t pray, really, but I do my best to imagine her getting better.


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Read this thing.

I would like to announce another worthy reading destination, certainly one of the best blogs the tubes have to offer. It is Gastro-Politico, and while it hasn’t been updated in a devastatingly long time, its author is on the edge of a move to London, which should bring some pretty amazing stories about the intersections of food and politics (and TV and relationships and everything else food and politics inevitably run into).

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Hello world!

Here I am!

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