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The power of prayer.

Abby’s had a particularly rough few days. I’m posting a video here taken from this post on her dad’s blog. It’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s hard not to worry, though, while you watch it that Abby won’t make it to her next father-daughter dance.

There’s another video in that post that’s even harder to watch, but just as sweet, of Abby watching a collection of video messages sent to her by people across the country who have never met her but are praying for her to get better.

I wonder how many people are praying for this little girl, or, like me, thinking about her, and how much of a difference it is making. Remember this study? I’ve always been fascinated by that, filing it away in my mental folder of Things That Confuse Me.

For now, I hope it’s true, that a bunch of strangers praying for you can make you better. There’s just something about Abby that makes you desperate for her to get through this.


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