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I forgot to update all of my loyal readers on the shower-curtain situation at the gym.

I had the idea last week of attaching a magnet or small weight to a string tied to a safety pin, which I would then pin to the bottom of the shower curtain and remove when I was done showering.  Chris was repulsed by this idea.  Even though he showers at the gym barefoot, the idea of my carrying a wet magnet around in my bag that had touched the shower floor was pretty much the grossest thing he’d ever heard of.

I still don’t understand his reaction, but I did realize that I was probably not going to rig up the magnet-string-safety-pin combination any time soon (see: Even Simple Things Take Forever in New York). Luckily (especially for that curtain, which I’m not sure could have survived too many more of my foot-beatings), on Thursday I was struck by genius, and I devised the Perfect Solution to my problem.

NY Sports Club provides three bottles in every shower stall: body wash, conditioner and shampoo.  They are removable so that they can be refilled.  I only use the shampoo, because I bring my own soap and try not to over-condition my hair, so I simply take the body wash and conditioner bottles out of their holder and set one on either side of the stall door, tucking the edges of the curtain around them.

It works like a charm.  The only irritating thing about it is having to lean down after my shower and pick those bottles back up, but that takes significantly less effort, I imagine, than it would to unclip a safety pin with string and magnet attached.


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